Olivier Bernard Photographe

Professional photographer, specializing in family events such as marriage, pregnancy, baptism, baby and children; I also participated in the production of photo reports at events such as the 2013 Tour Concert Eating Heart, gala and evening for various companies and associations.

Passionate about photography since my youngest age, I first learned the basics of photography in a self-taught way. Then, to perfect and enrich my knowledge, I took courses at the Institute of Social Promotion of Dison.

I have been fortunate enough to do this job for over 5 years and many people have trusted me to capture the important moments of their lives.

Sometimes, this job allows me to live extraordinary moments. But, above all, it brings me beautiful moments made of pretty encounters in all simplicity and confidence. Photography, for me, is to share these important moments with you and to put all my heart and my know-how in the service of the mission that you entrust to me: to capture these unique moments to keep unforgettable memories.
My pride is to allow you over the years to keep the image of these unique moments and share them with those you love.

To appeal to a photographer passionate about his job is to guarantee a quality result.

For this, I suggest you to discover my work through this website. Then, I invite you to contact me so you can organize a first discovery interview (free and without commitment) to discuss together your project and your wishes.

Each project is unique, so do not hesitate to tell me your needs and expectations.